To learn more about our partners, please visit their websites.

If you belong to a union, retirees association, seniors group, or any other organization that you think should join the coalition, please let us know. You can reach us at    

The Armed Forces Pensioners'/Annuitants' Association ....serving Canadian Armed Forces retirees and their spouses on all pension issues. Composed of 50 veteran and regimental organizations.   

The National Pensioners Federation ....composed of 350 seniors chapters, clubs, groups, organizations and individual supporters across Canada.

The Canadian Labour Congress ....advocating on behalf of all working people in many ways to improve Canada for everyone.  "What we wish for ourselves we desire for all."

Association québécoise des retraités des secteurs public et parapublic  ….composed of retired civil servants and employees in education and health.

The Council of Canadians .…led by Maude Barlow, acts to bring about social, economic and environmental justice. They have 60 chapters across Canada.

The BC Federation of Labour ....500,000 members with a strong belief in workers having the right to retire with dignity, which includes pension fairness for surviving spouses.

The Canadian Nurses Association ....representing more than 151,000 Registered Nurses, to advance nursing excellence and positive health outcomes in the public interest.

Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC ….a member of the National Pensioners Federation and the largest federation of seniors' organizations in BC. Made up of more than 75 seniors' organizations.  

National Association of Federal Retirees ....has a proud history of protecting pensioners' interests, seeking improvements to their benefits, and participating in the development of social policies for all seniors.

Communications Workers of America (Canada)  ….our oldest media union, with an elevated, autonomous position within the Communications Workers of America. They have 27 Locals across Canada.   

The Canadian Media Guild ….the largest local of CWA Canada, representing workers in various Canadian media outlets including broadcast and print.  

Conseil provincial du secteur des communications  ...a union representing employees in public and private communications organizations, and a member of CUPE-Québec – an affiliate of the Québec Federation of Labour.

The Association of Public Service Alliance Retirees ….protects the interests of all retired former PSAC members and those who are set to leave the public service soon.  

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers ….while a majority work for Canada Post in a range of roles, CUPW also represents Canadian workers in more than 15 private sector bargaining units.  

The CBC Pensioners National Association ….maintaining a professional working relationship with the CBC, works on behalf of CBC retirees by negotiating programs, products and services.  

Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux  ...representing close to 130,000 employees in the Department of Health and Social Services. Affiliated with the Confederation of National Trade Unions.

Ontario Public Service Employees Union Pensioners ….working to advance the interests of OPSEU retirees.  

Saskatchewan Retirees Association ….an organization of retired or soon to be retired government and non-government employees and/or their surviving spouses, promoting the enhancement of pensions and associated benefits.  

Fédération nationale des enseignantes et enseignants du Québec (FEENQ)  ….102 locals of teachers and other employees in public and private colleges and universities.

Association des retraitées et retraités de l’enseignement de la FNEEQ   ….composed of retired teachers and other workers from public and private colleges and universities where the FNEEQ has locals.

Unifor National Retired Workers Council ….representing over 90,000 Unifor retirees in Canada, from coast to coast, unanimously in support of the coalition’s goals.

Fédération des syndicats de l'enseignement (FSE-CSQ) ....a federation of Québec teachers unions in 35 School Boards, affiliated with the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ).